• addiction-recovery


    Using a whole approach to addiction recovery you will be encouraged to challenge the patterns of thinking and feeling that you need to “do it all”, do it perfectly and don’t break a sweat.

    Using a positive approach you will be a collaborator in the counselling to move toward a kinder, gentler attitude toward yourself that minimizes the potential for mood.

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  • mood


    Are you feeling down, irritable, anxious, lacking motivation and/or having negative thoughts over the past two weeks or longer which is starting to interfere with your enjoyment of daily life?

    Start to reverse the negative trend right now.

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  • trauma-ptsd-psychologist


    Are you looking for EMDR to help you reduce your worries, nightmares and/or avoidance of activities which started following trauma such as car accidents, sports injuries or crime committed against you?

    Or want to use it to help with emotional coping, sports or other performance and simply to feel calmer and more in control of yourself?

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