What can you Not, not do?

It has been a summer unlike many others here in the Canmore and Bow Valley area. Long periods of hot, dry weather. Along with the hot summer days day after day, a wildfire has been burning 50 km away and we have had a lot of smoke. At several points it was so heavy that I closed all my windows for several days at a time. I hope you have enjoyed your summer and done activities that have rejuvenated you and increased your sense of wellness.

I went on three backpacking trips this summer. Most notable was a six day, 35 pound backpack, 87 km, 2600 meter gain and loss over three passes on the Brazeau Loop. It starts from Nigel Pass on the Icefields Parkway, then to Brazeau Lake over Poboktan Pass, up Jonas Shoulder and through Jonas Pass and out Nigel Pass. It was a tremendous experience.

This post culminates the last eight months of focusing on the seven aspects of wellness, physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, occupational, relational and lifestyle. As I sat on an incredibly beautiful wide open Poboktan Pass on the Brazeau Loop, it came to me that my most favorite activity, backpacking into the back country, fills all the aspects of wellness.

In my video taken on that day, I invite you to think of the one activity that you participate in that nourishes your overall sense of wellness. It can be anything. It can be big or small. The main point is that it creates a sense of well being for you and positively affects all the areas of well being . It can be gardening, knitting, hiking, running, climbing, writing. Whatever fills you up.
Wellness in Action

Sitting in that beautiful mountain place, Poboktan Pass, (Poboktan means owl in I realized that the one activity I have loved since backpacking with some troubled teens for three weeks many years ago provides me with positive energy in all aspects of wellness. Here is the video and I hope it inspires you to think of that one activity you cannot not do that gives you an overall sense of well being.

And for your added enjoyment I include a short video of the early morning view from Jonas Shoulder, the highest point on the Brazeau Loop.

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